Unless life gives you lemons & sugar, your lemonade is going to suck.


Last night, my good friend Aaron & I hatched a really solid plan: start a revenue generating company in 3 weeks.

The two of us are currently “in-between” opportunities and decided to make some lemonade. Why not execute on a vision that may have some monetization hurdles but otherwise provides piles of value? It’ll be fun, we’ll learn something, it’ll help people and, who knows, maybe someday, it’ll buy us coffee.

Besides, I’m heading to San Francisco in 3 weeks – let’s make the most of my time here.

Our vision?  Help businesses discover & compare “software as a service” offerings – Yelp/Kayak for SaaS.

How the hell are we going to build this whole thing in 3 weeks?  Well, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeves.  8 of them, in fact.

More to come…