Just the mere concept of defining an experience for a website can be a daunting task, let alone trying to define the experience in 3 weeks while at the same time the entire site is being developed.

With such a short timeline we don’t get the usual luxuries of A/B testing, customer focus groups and countless hours of research. Yet what we lose in time we make up for in best practices, assumptions and time to market.

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Here are some views on how the experience of OnCompare is coming along. We are extremely happy with where the identity is heading, with its Venn diagram inspiration and “hot vs cold” color scheme, we feel its simple enough to tell customers that OnCompare is there to help them compare and make a decision without too much effort (Wow that’s a lot for a logo to say). Also shown are the wireframes (created with gliffy) for the “Decision Wizard” (open to ideas for a better name), this is our bread and butter, a simple way for customers to answer a few questions and for us to give them a short list of products to choose from.

As always feedback is encouraged. Love it? Hate it? Confused about what were doing? Please let us know in the comments.