Unbounce, Wufoo, and MailChimp make it easy to:

  1. Quickly create a landing page (or four)
  2. Sign-up interested users
  3. Segment those users into different email campaign lists

…and that’s exactly what we did on our landing page.  Below is a summary of the services we used and the video is a tour through our implementation.


Editing our Unbounce page

Unbounce makes it dead simple to create and a/b test landing pages.  Their templates provide great starting points and include the ability to add your own videos, surveys, etc. – plus they look solid.

In addition, their HTML editor is one of the best I’ve ever used.  It’s not perfect, but being able to drag n’ drop boxes of text instead of fighting with CSS and multiple browsers is awesome.  Add on top of that their conversion metrics, ability to a/b test, and their integration with other services and Unbounce is clearly a  winner.

Finally, and one of the main reasons I wanted to give them a try, they manage the servers.  If you’re like us during early development, it’s much better to have someone else worry about handling the up’s and down’s of your pre-launch buzz.  I don’t want to have to build out AWS auto-scaling for a simple landing page – better to let the unbounce guys worry about if/when we’ll get featured by [insert favorite tech blog – add yours to the comments].

Things we’d love to see added to Unbounce:

  • Measuring conversion rates for embedded code (e.g. submitting Wufoo forms, playing videos, etc.)
  • A/B test certain sections of our page. Everything is the same between our two variations, except the Wufoo form we embed. Would be nice to have one main page and “variation sections” so that I don’t have to make changes to two identical versions of our main page when we decide to update some text.


Our Wufoo report

Wufoo is a form/survey service that is extremely flexible in both usage and look & feel.  These guys make it easy to plug a survey into an Unbounce page, or anywhere else for that matter, and customize the form’s colors, fonts, you name it.

Add to that some beautiful, easy to use reports, custom notifications, and deep integration with mailchimp and boom, another service we highly recommend.

Things we’d love to see in Wufoo:

  1. An “other” option for checkbox questions (so users can fill in their own answers)
  2. Better (official?) support for adding html to question elements for layout purposes. Details in the video above.


MailChimp lists & segmentation

One of the best things about MailChimp is it’s integration with other services (e.g. Wufoo) and it’s list management capabilities – both of which we rely on heavily.

To ensure we notify the right people when we launch our beta, we segment them into different lists based on their invite survey answers.  Wufoo’s integration with MailChimp allows us to easily say, “Users who selected X option, should be added to Y list…automatically. I don’t want to do anything, just do it for me.”

Things we’d love to see in MailChimp:

  1. Ability to import people into email list “groups.” Right now we have to create separate lists for each of our user segments.  It would be preferable to use a single master list, and add users to specific (and multiple) groups within that list.

That’s how we quickly built our low maintenance, but somewhat powerful, landing page.  Any other tips, tricks, recommendations for beta invite sites you’d recommend?