Our Knight in White Satin

Last week I wrote about a problem we ran into – me.

I didn’t have enough time to both do my biz dev duties and research SaaS providers to the depth necessary. After talking with the team and making a quick phone call, we had a solution.

It’s name, is Auty.

Technically it’s Chris Auty, but the team is so large now our [FirstName]@OnCompare.com naming convention doesn’t work anymore – we’ve already got a Chris.

Auty is a friend of mine who rolled off his PM’ng job recently to dive into the Seattle startup scene. Since joining our team team on Monday, he has been crushing it. If you see him around at networking events after we launch, and you’re looking for a PM, I recommend kidnapping him.

Now, how exactly does an 8-person team go to a 9-person team with 2 weeks to launch? Much easier than we thought.  Here’s our thinking on why that is:

  1. Auty crushes. A risk to bringing someone on board after the project has started is that he/she won’t have the drive or passion the originators did. Auty hasn’t shown any signs of that.  Why?  For starters, he just naturally gets things done. Second, he wants to get more involved in the startup scene and this immerses him in it. After that, we should probably have Auty write a post.
  2. Delegation & trust. This one is easy in theory, but hard in practice. Auty is working on stuff that I used to own but my role in his work is purposefully non-existent now. I may ask/answer a few questions, but 15 minutes after Auty got into the office, he owned all of the SaaS research I was supposed to, and I absolutely trust him to nail it.
  3. Independent workloads. If the work Auty was doing required intimate experience with our code, we’d be SOL. It would take more time than he’d save us just catching him up.  Instead, his work requires little ramp-up and oversight, making it perfect for mercenary PM work.

Auty, thanks so much for joining the team – as demonstrated above, you’re a rock star and OnCompare wouldn’t be without you.