Joey Aquino

Joey Aquino

One thing we’ve already taken away from this experience already – talent attracts talent.

This team was founded with rockstars, from dev to design, but its become abundantly clear that great people want to work with other great people – even when there’s no equity or salary on the line.

Meet Joey Aquino, our Lebron James, and OnCompare team member #10.  Joey is exactly the type of guy you want to add to your roster, at any stage of the game. He’s not only talented, he’s crazy passionate and he’s got an incredible work ethic (Joey founded the Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Hawaii and spearheaded a startup micro-loan program there).

After a great friend introduced us, it didn’t take but 10 minutes to recognize Joey’s got the fire to make a big impact in any organization – let alone a startup.

Joey will be working on two of our most critical aspects – marketing & community development. Joey will be talking to people searching for SaaS options, SaaS experts/consultants, and SaaS producers to learn what they want from our community. This is real-time, customer development kind of stuff that is critical to our success, and he’s been killing it so far.

Couple takeaways for anyone looking for talent:

  1. Recruiters don’t attract great devs, neither do craiglists posts or job descriptions. Great devs attract great devs. Same with designers, marketers, et. al. If you want great people, find out where they hang out, hang out with them, and be great. Who people work with, is much more important than what they work on.
  2. When you meet Joey around the scene, get on his good side. At best, you may be able to interest him in your project, at worst, he’ll remember you when he’s hit it big.

Welcome to the team Joey – you’re clearly a rockstar, and it’s a pleasure to work with you.