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These last few days have really been crunch time, but we were still able to fit in a live stream Q+A. We love interacting with you all and wanted to give everyone a chance to ask whatever they wanted about your crazy adventure.

Here is a recap:

2:13 Status Update

5:10 Chico: I would like to know more on your approach in achieving your ultimate goal: “reach cash flow in 3 weeks”.

e.g. Have you or are you thinking of implementing a business model that will generate revenue, and if so, how have you arrived at this business model? How will you                    future validate the business model?

9:23 Explanation of the user experience

12:53 Explanation of our reputation model

13:26 Carl, “ Hey is it 3 weeks to ‘liv” or “l-eye-ve”?

14:28 What has been the most difficult thing within your 3 weeks

20:13 Patrick, “… the #1 question I ask myself when I am reviewing a product is what won’t this be able to do that I am expecting it to do, how does OnCompare plan to incorporate this?

21:50 Joey, “ What is your opinions on business plans?”

23:11 Aaron picks his nose

25:20 Greets from Switzerland

25:37 Do you consider your code base clean despite the huge pressure?

28:27 [follow up]so you think you wont regret those decisions when you upscale in the future?

30:00 Hi mom!

30:30 Wendy, out of your target market “who will benefit the most?”

31:44 What specific strategies/ tools have you used to manage a 10 person tech startup?

34:50 Daniel, “ How did you manage discussion de-escalation? With a lot of people it is difficult to stay focused especially with some disagreements. Who was the subtle leader?

36:41 What has been the biggest failure so far?

38:21 Wade, “ How are we going to prevent outright solicititation from actual vendors in your reviews?”

40:31 Kristy, “… how we do plan to get buyer input after the sale?”

42:26 knowing what you know now, and you were going to do it all over again, what would you change?

47:18 Reminders and final schedule