We did it. I sit here astounded, exhausted, and inspired.

Sure, I thought we would release something after 3 weeks, but I’m amazed at how high quality it is. There are bugs, but if you think about it, on Feb. 1st we:

  1. Developed a new-ish recommendation paradigm (surveys for the objective stuff + communities for the subjective stuff)
  2. Researched tons of different SaaS providers and found a way to codify that research
    1. Did you notice it will estimate the price of the email marketing services based on your requirements?!
    2. And that it doesn’t just tell you what cloud hosting provider is best for you, it tells you what specific type of servers you should use.
  3. Made it ease to use
  4. And made it look good

To make all this happen they guys went crazy banging out features and bugs, right up until the last moment.  In fact, Aaron, Joe, Joey pulled an all-nighter the night before we went public.  Here’s their 6:00 am whiteboard recap:

There’s a ton more to write about, but we’re running a mile-a-minute at this point.  Will fill you in on all the post-launch goodness as soon as we can!

Thanks for all of your support – we absolutely, wouldn’t have built a product of the same caliber or quality if we didn’t have your input or support.