TechStars Startup MadnessTo coincide with March Madness, TechStars has put together a Startup Madness tournament where companies vie against one another in series of bracketed popularity contests.

They’ve rounded up some sponsors to donate prizes, but for most part this is a thinly veiled matter of pride for most companies, and an even more thinly veiled advertising campaign for TechStars.

Why We’re Doing This

So why are we participating, much less, writing a blog post about it? Well, our egos are we’re as susceptible to manipulation as anyone else’s but more importantly, it’s a good source of advertising for us.

Since OnCompare’s target audience is currently startups, and members & friends of startups are largely voting in this competition, every round we advance exposes OnCompare to a new swath of targeted users.

For example, we’re going head-to-head against Hollrback in this round, so every person Hollrback gets to view our competition (their friends, their users, their investors, etc.) is another person who knows what OnCompare is all about. If we advance to the next round, the process will repeat itself until we win, or get eliminated – all of which is less expensive and more exciting than an adwords campaign.

What we Need from You

With that in mind, we’re losing our current match-up and could really use your help to proceed to the next round. If you could:

  1. Vote here (takes <30 seconds):
  2. And tweet something like: Vote for @OnCompare at Startup Madness so they can continue their mission to change the web:

We would not only be extremely grateful, but you’d be helping us get more users.

Thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it and know we can win this round with a little help!


PS – Currently accepting nominations for things I should do if we win the tournament (e.g. shave half my head, volunteer somewhere unorthodox, eat sushi with a smile, etc.).