Interviewing for a new apartment today, can’t be late. They’ll give it to someone else.

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

Approaching the bus stop, I see it pulling away. I take off, sprint, up an all too common San Francisco hill/mountain to meet it at the next stop. I look into the back of the bus and a woman, understanding my plight, smiles at me. Can’t help but smile back as the incline gets real.

A third of the way up the hill, I’m keeping pace.
In front of me, two strangers. Thread the needle. “Pardon me!”
Neck and neck.
Half way there.
Shit, stumble.
The #30 pulls ahead.
Heart pounding hard, starting to hurt. Shit.
Slow to jog, then a walk.
Not going to happen today. Should have kept playing soccer.

But…the bus stops at the top of the hill. There’s hope?
If enough people get off, maybe I can make it on.
Speed up my walk, but only one person gets off.
But he’s not leaving, he’s half on the bus, half off.  Waving to me.
I jog again.
He’s holding the bus for me?!
Holy shit, some random guy is holding up the entire bus for me. No one is even getting off on this stop.

Running hard again.
Panting, I reach the back door of the bus.
As my foot hits the first step, the bus is full, standing room only.
Everyone simultaneously erupts…
into cheer.
Smiles, giggles, lots of happy people, including me.
More panting.

They were all watching, rooting. When they saw I couldn’t make it. They helped.
Thank you San Francisco.
I think I love you.

– Justin

[Update 4/5/11] I’ll be moving in on 4/16. 😉